Pure Kashmiri Saffron – 1gram

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  1. Overview

Kesar Kottage brings you pure Kashmiri Kesar in most natural form. The packet content is the red Saffron stigma (most important part of the flower). Distinguished by its fragrance, its considered as one of the costliest spice in the world. The Kesar we collect is cultivated in the Pampore area of Jammu and Kashmir (credited with the World’s best Saffron title) We do not blend/cut/process the threads, once collected from farmers it is packed as such after a little bit of hand picked cleaning. That way it retains its aroma & quality & the natural form with which it was collected from the fields.

Saffron Pricing

With the actual high cost & the profit margin of traders etc, a gram of Kesar may cost more than Rs. 300 from a normal market. A large part of this amount is adjusted by the traders & marketing personals resulting in a little proportional share to the farmer. With this thing in mind Kesar Kottage was started to provide a platform to the farmers, so that with the online medium, the Saffron so cultivated may get directly delivered to the consumer. The reason for the low price of Saffron on Kesar Kottage is because of the nominal margin of profit we add to the base price. Know more about us

Order Limits

A minimum of 1 gram and maximum of 35 grams can be ordered at a time. The maximum order limit is set to ensure the sale of Kesar at the minimum possible price to the retail customer, which will in turn ensure the direct link between customers and farmers. Since we sell Saffron close to its base price, the cost per gram is subject to variations every day. We do not involve any profit in the retail sale of saffron, so a profit margin of Rs. 11/gram is set in case of bulk orders of kesar.
Besides Saffron Kesar Kottage deals with dry fruits like Walnuts and Almonds which are supplied from the best quality sources.

Additional information

Weight 1 g

The Item will be delivered in 7 to 9 business days

51 reviews for Pure Kashmiri Saffron – 1gram

  1. pradeep128

    Awsome product

  2. amar39

    The fragrance of the Saffron is just awesome. Received the order 2 days late, otherwise deserve 5 stars.

  3. james_1990

    the colour of threads is bit darker than that of shown in the picture. Nice product.

  4. Linsha

    Good product. I recieved the package within two days of placing the order. Nicely packed. Fragrance of saffron is amazing. Good buy at this price!

  5. Prasheen (verified owner)

    The saffron is very good for the price. Although the package box was broken , the product was very good , the aroma and colour of the product is truly amazing..
    in future please take care for transit damages at shipping.!

    • kesarkottage

      Thanks Prasheen. We will definitely look into the packaging process & will try to make it even better. Feedback like yours help us to grow & improve.

  6. M.Ananth

    The Color of threads is bit darker than that of shown in the Picture. Nice Product. I am Tamilnadu

  7. Akanksha (verified owner)

    Product is awesome…Received on time….packing is nice….

  8. TOMSON (verified owner)

    Best quality of Saffron at affordable price. Some improvement is required in packing….

  9. Harshita Kappal (verified owner)

    Good product
    Good packing
    Good customer support
    The only negative was delayed delivery.

  10. sr (verified owner)

    value for money

  11. TEJA (verified owner)

    Good Product
    Received On Time
    Good Service
    Best price

  12. Bhupendra Kumbhare (verified owner)

    Product & Price Very Nice

  13. Bijal (verified owner)

    Good product at reasonable price, was delivered before time

  14. Pooja (verified owner)

    Fragrance of saffron was awesome. It is value for money.

  15. kiran (verified owner)

    Good Product

  16. Saranya (verified owner)

    Actually it is a nice product with reasonable cost, I have checked the quality of saffron with cold water,it was too good in colour as well as fragrance.good service, very good sir keep it up, now I am going to recommend this product to my friends also

  17. SUNNY (verified owner)

    Thanks a lot to Kesarkottage.com for providing good quality saffron at affordable price. Delivered the item safely. Quality is excellent. I love it and will purchase again. I recommend it.

  18. Jagadeeshkumar.R (verified owner)

    1) Good Color and aroma
    2) Good packing
    3) Reasonable cost.

    Overall its good product and good service.

  19. Manoj (verified owner)

    Fine product quality…

  20. jayesh solanki (verified owner)

    Good Product.
    Good packing.
    Good quality.
    Good service.
    Reasonable cost .
    I think best of part a attachment a Producut letter. Overalls best service. Thank you.

  21. Manisha (verified owner)

    Fragrance is awesome.. NYC product… Color dark red.. packing too good

  22. Sudhindra (verified owner)

    Being first time buyer from Kesar Kottage we find the Saffron to be pure, aromatic and the service is excellent.
    It is a great price to buy such high quality saffron from kesar kottige.
    Thank you
    sudhindra kumar

  23. Zubin (verified owner)

    Excellent product and very prompt, timely delivery.

  24. Surash Gupta (verified owner)

    Nice Product at offered price. Packing needs improvement as I received product in broken box. Timely delivery.

  25. sapnarajdeep23 (verified owner)

    Thanks for giving Excellent product of Kashmiri Kesar. Rich colour, rich aroma, very reasonable rates…

  26. Sanket (verified owner)

    Extremely Good and Original product,

    Please go for this. It’s 100% original

  27. iamskgupta (verified owner)

    Excellent product, Improved packing, Timely delivery, all at very attractive price.

  28. Narasimha (verified owner)

    Quality is good

  29. Narasimha (verified owner)

    Quality is good and price is reasonable

  30. Sanjiv Vaid (verified owner)

    I have placed order for 2gm of Saffron and it was delivered on time via DTDC courier. Kesar was packed in moisture proof plastic packaging and the quality of kesar is good

  31. naresh (verified owner)

    nice product

  32. Bobby (verified owner)

    Excellent product, I very happy

  33. VIVEKANANDA SHENJOY K (verified owner)

    I have ordered 2 gm of kesar good smell

  34. Krishnakanth Kittu (verified owner)

    Very good product….. I happy….

  35. Rameshkumar Vijayakumar (verified owner)

    Good qiality i cheaked it with cold water good aroma great small best price i loved it need to improve in packaging nd delivery time delayed

  36. Pranav Kumar (verified owner)

    My wife is carrying and I was looking for genuine Kesar, finally I got it here. Product is very nice.

    • Kesar Kottage (verified owner)

      Thanks Pranav. Every appreciation from the customers like you gives us the feel of achievement. We at Kesar Kottage are happy by knowing that you find our product useful. We hope you will give us the chance to serve you again.

      Thanks & Regards

  37. Nandagopal SR (verified owner)

    Excellent thing it is. Superb product, one can literally admire this thing. Really looking forward purchase more stuff.

  38. Akhil Ramachandran (verified owner)

    Kesar Kottage provides the best saffron available for a reasonable price. Hope they will keep it as same always

  39. Manish verma (verified owner)

    Awesome product…

  40. darshanachothani (verified owner)

    Nice product. Seems genuine and reasonably priced. Good customer care and shipping charges also very reasonable

  41. HEENAVJ (verified owner)

    Very much satisfied with the product definitely looking forward to purchase more.

  42. mahesh_tiwari1984 (verified owner)

    It’s one of the best saffron which I have purchased and no doubt for its quality. Anyone can check it and confirm it.

    But I believe quality is everything, if it will continue, I will be purchasing this product again and again and no problem to be a regular customer.

  43. sharon.junnu (verified owner)

    It was a very good product.

  44. arun.v1984 (verified owner)

    Real pure saffron. Good fragrance. Quick delivery. Thanks.

  45. Ravi kumar (verified owner)

    Nice product….

  46. Sameer Shaikh (verified owner)

    Excellent geniune product in reasonable price ordered 5 grams and will order again .
    Five star*****

  47. AnandElson (verified owner)

    I like the product saffron… Nicely packed….

  48. Kesavan k.p. (verified owner)

    Very nice product.best quality. I will become a regular customer.

  49. S Srinivasa Raghavan (verified owner)

    Quality of Saffron is very good.As in USA, please supply in package of one ounce Tin ,(28grams), and offer bulk discount to match USA price.

  50. Sanjay Kumar Agrawal (verified owner)

    Good quality saffron at low price. Most important, it is natural and genuine product. I have conducted some test for its purity and found it OK. I am using it regularly.

  51. Umesh (verified owner)

    Excellent product

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