Pure Kashmiri Saffron – 20gram

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Kesar Kottage brings you pure Kashmiri Kesar in most natural form. The packet content is the red Saffron stigma (most important part of the flower). Distinguished by its fragrance, its considered as one of the costliest spice in the world. The Kesar we collect is cultivated in the Pampore area of Jammu and Kashmir (credited with the World’s best Saffron title) We do not blend/cut/process the threads, once collected from farmers it is packed as such after a little bit of hand picked cleaning. That way it retains its aroma & quality & the natural form with which it was collected from the fields.

Saffron Pricing

With the actual high cost & the profit margin of traders etc, a gram of Kesar may cost more than Rs. 300 from a normal market. A large part of this amount is adjusted by the traders & marketing personals resulting in a little proportional share to the farmer. With this thing in mind Kesar Kottage was started to provide a platform to the farmers, so that with the online medium, the Saffron so cultivated may get directly delivered to the consumer. The reason for the low price of Saffron on Kesar Kottage is because of the nominal margin of profit we add to the base price. Know more about us

Order Limits

A minimum of 1 gram and maximum of 35 grams can be ordered at a time. The maximum order limit is set to ensure the sale of Kesar at the minimum possible price to the retail customer, which will in turn ensure the direct link between customers and farmers. Since we sell Saffron close to its base price, the cost per gram is subject to variations every day. We do not involve any profit in the retail sale of saffron, so a profit margin of Rs. 11/gram is set in case of bulk orders of kesar.
Besides Saffron Kesar Kottage deals with dry fruits like Walnuts and Almonds which are supplied from the best quality sources.

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Weight 20 g

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