Bulk Order of Saffron


Kesar Kottage is happy to announce the launch of Bulk Saffron Order policy to meet the need of its customers. The policy was launched in response to the huge number of requests made by our existing customers. Since the retail order let you order up to 20 grams of Saffron only, no such limits are set for a trusted bulk order account.

Pricing of Bulk Saffron Order

Since Kesar Kottage involves No Gain No Loss philosophy in case of retail orders, we provide Saffron at most affordable price. The No profit margin policy is applicable on Bulk orders for a limited period of time and a profit margin (although small) will be involved in such orders thereafter.

Current Price for Bulk Orders: Rs. 199/gram

Benefits of Bulk Order Account

Unlike retail orders where an upper limit of 20 grams is set, a Bulk Order account enables you to purchase Saffron without any such limit. Every Bulk order Account is treated as a partner of Kesar Kottage.

Order Process
  • Create an Account first, if you have not one.
  • Order a Sample to check if the product meet your expectations (Use coupon code sample_order while ordering a sample)
  • If you have already bought Saffron from us in past, you need not to order a sample then
  • Once the sample gets delivered, the bulk order window will be activated
  • Place the Bulk Saffron Order, initially up to 200 grams

The initial limit of 200 grams is increased to 500 grams after five(5) such orders and thereafter the order limit is increased with every successful bulk order. Once your account is considered as trusted, you can order as much as Saffron as we can fulfill.

This part of Page is designed to guide you throughout the Bulk Order process, Simply follow the instructions as they appear below:

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