Quality Certificate – Saffron


Sample: SAFFRON (KESAR) Bar-code
Submitted By: KESAR KOTTAGE Report No.: 201710280099
Date of start of analysis: 28/10/2017 Date of completion of analysis: 03/11/2017

Description: Red color saffron filaments free from foreign odor and mustiness, mould,living and dead insects,insects fragments and rodent contamination and added coloring matter

Parameter Method Result
Floral waste, %w/w IS 5453 (PART-2),CLAUS E- 6 Absent
Solubility in cold water (on dried basis),%w/w IS 1797 (PART-2), CLAUSE – 11 53.12%
Bitterness expr. as direct reading of absorbance of picrocrocin at about 257nm (on dry basis) IS 5453 (PART-2), CLAUSE – 13 58.59
Colouring strength expressed as direct reading of absorbance of crocine at 440 nm (on dried basis) IS 5453 (PART-2), CLAUSE – 13 85.92

Authorized Signatory: Arbro Pharmaceuticals Private Limited | Analytical Division |
4/9, Kirti Nagar Indl. Area, New Delhi- 110015