Kashmiri Kesar, one of the noble spice as it is called might be one of costliest. With a distinguished aroma and fragrance it not only adds flavor to thousands of recipes all over the world but also has got a religious value to carry with it. Often compared with gold because of its market price & value, Saffron may appear so for its consumers but it do not gives the same benefit to its cultivators. Like the supply chain of every other agricultural product, it also gives little proportional share in the upstream. In simple words the Kashmiri Saffron farmers who are supposed to get the most benefit from the high price of it get unfortunately the least (as mentioned, like every other agricultural product). Now concerning the consumer side of the Saffron, it has lost its charm a bit due to the adulteration issues going on for last few years, hence challenging the faith of consumers on it.

Kesar Kottage: A Beginning

With a noble thought of utilizing the online medium to cut short the Saffron Supply chain, Kesar Kottage was incorporated on 05th-Oct-2016. We not only aim to provide a platform to the Saffron farmers, so that the maximum benefit of the gold like value of it goes directly to them but to give the Kashmiri Saffron its charm back by keeping it far away from the adulteration/contamination and send the saffron to its consumers with the original quality and aroma it gets from the nature. We believe that the best quality tester of the Saffron is the consumer himself/herself, so we won’t boast about our ethics too much & will leave it our customers because claiming ethics on an online portal might be easy for anyone.

Working Philosophy and Pricing

As mentioned above, our main aim is to route the maximum share of Saffron value to its farmers. We plan to achieve this by minimizing our profit margin or more clearly it goes like this:
If the current price offered to the farmer is X per unit and the final profit margin of traders as decided by its market value is Y (hence final price of the saffron be X+Y per unit), we divide this margin into two & the value offered to the farmer by Kesar Kottage is X+Y/2 and the cost of the Saffron to a retail consumer is X+Y/2. A small amount of nominal amount is added to the base price & charged from the customer to compensate the transactional expanses like payment gateway fee, packing charges etc.

Profit Source

We are not a non-profit Organization & hence profit to us is as important as to any other company. Regarding Saffron & its direct link to the retail consumers, we have pledged to make no or nominal profit out of it, but if we supply Saffron in bulk to the wholesale customers (Conditions apply in case of bulk order fulfillment) we recover the profit margin of Y/2 there. Further we are planning to launch other Kashmiri products through our website to carry on the business.